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11 Common Blogging Mistakes That Are Wasting Your Audience’s Time


The Guide To Being A Dad

Prince William

“It’s a rite of passage for new fathers to arrive at work with milky sick down the back of their jumper. It starts to smell like Parmesan by approximately 11am, which is nice.”

Like all expectant fathers, the Prince of Wales will currently be experiencing a rich brew of emotions. Concern for his hospital-ridden wife, the Duchess of Cambridge. Relief that everything’s in good working order “down there”. No little excitement. A short, sharp dose of blind panic. And, of course, overwhelming joy. So, with a sense of patriotic duty, we asked AskMen’s Michael Hogan — proud father of Charlie, 3 and Kitty, 1 — to make sense of it all for our future King. These are the top 10 things they won’t be telling William about becoming a father, but he absolutely needs to know.  Continue reading The Guide To Being A Dad